Raindrop White Background

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You will always have modern lines with Raindrop White Background silky fabric. How Does? Take a look at the fabric. Usually large and realistic floral patterns give the fabric a vintage ambiance. But if the flowers in the fabric are worked out to create an abstract ambiance and have small appearances, the fabric will have a more modern feel. That’s why our Silky Fabric Raindrop White Background product appeals to anyone who wants to dress up modern. Moreover, thanks to the advanced technologies we use in producing our fabric, modernity meets comfort. Here is a great combination.

Perfect Harmony of Raindrop White Background Silky Fabric and Red and White

  • A huge number of colors! But two of them in particular really stand out. Do you know which ones are? Of course red and white!
  • Always stylish: Special colors and patterns only feature on-trend looks. So all the areas where you use this fabric will look really stylish. If you want to buy floral-patterned silky fabric for immediate use, you are definitely in the right place!

Silky Fabric Raindrop White Background

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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm