Raindrop Dark Blue Background

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Raindrop Dark Blue Background silky fabric will be the perfect option for your silky fabric curtains! You ask why? Let’s examine step by step what this luxury fabric can provide for you.

Raindrop Dark Blue Background Silky Fabric: Why Should You Use It?

  • Always vibrant colors: It’s that easy to be enchanted by vibrant colors. Navy blue, red, white, orange. All of these are in our fabric in its brightest form. Everyone who looks at this fabric will be impressed by it and they will ask you where you bought it. Discover more!
  • High imprinting technology: Silky Fabric Raindrop Dark Blue Background product is designed for you to use for a long time. Resistant to washing, use and wear at all times. You will easily use it for years.
  • Light and comfortable: Lightweight, only 0.120 kilograms per square meter. Well, what does it mean? You won’t even feel it when our fabric is on your skin!
  • Always soft: A soft, clean fabric that will not irritate your skin. Specially produced in LuxveLux workshops. We are here for those who want to order floral patterned silky fabric online!

Silky Fabric Raindrop Dark Blue Background

M2 = 0,120 Kg

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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm