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LuxveLux offers you a new generation selection with special fabrics that will create an exclusive texture experience. Are you ready to get to know our collection closely with its soft, high quality, and vibrant colors that always make you feel special?

We believe in the long-lasting promise of quality! Fabrics produced using sufficiently high quality, exclusive special yarns become friends to witness your life for many years. Make sure the fabrics accompanying our lives are of LuxveLux quality!

Silky Fabric Collection: Ethnic, Floral, Colorful, and Soft

Imagine thin silky fabric touching your skin on the hottest days of summer. This special fabric woven with fine yarns recreates all your clothes and other textile products with the colors and patterns on it.

  • The fine strong silky fabric was carefully produced in LuxveLux's private workshops using high-tech devices. With their dense and strong structure, these products are comfortable enough to give you airiness and lightness even in the summer and spring months.
  • The special fine crisp luxurious silky fabric for dresses in our collection includes elegant and feminine floral patterns. The harmony of these patterns with the most vibrant colors of spring will give your clothes an extremely attractive look.
  • Have you thought of trying ethnic patterns in your search for light silky dress fabric? Ottoman style ethnic patterned fabrics look great, especially with warm colors such as green, red, and yellow. When geometric shaped silky fabrics and soft textures come together, it is possible to obtain extremely impressive results.

Crepe Fabric for Dresses, Tablecloths, Curtains, and More

Crepe fabrics with their unique texture have been carefully produced for you to sew perfect textile products with them. Crepe texture fabric is presented to you with floral, leaf pattern, brushstroke pattern, or plain looks. LuxveLux uses special yarns in each of the fabrics it offers, which will give you a luxurious experience as soon as it comes into contact with your skin.

Want to buy crepe fabric online? It's time to choose LuxveLux with fast delivery, safe shipment, and of course always reliable, quality products.

  • Crepe dress fabric online: Meet crepe fabrics for your dresses that do not wrap the body, do not require ironing, and maximize your comfort with their luxury look all the time. You will love this product that does not make you sweat and gives a luxurious experience with its light structure and fine yarn.
  • Buy pure crepe fabric online: Crepe fabric is the perfect choice not only for your dresses, but also for your tablecloths, pillowcases, and other decorative purposes in your home. You will enjoy the privilege of LuxveLux and exclusive textures. Great!

Silk Fabric by LuxveLux: Always Softest, Exclusive and Unique

We told you how soft silky fabric is. What about silk? If you are in search of "where to buy silk fabric", you can be sure that you will find the most natural, pure, and aesthetic products at LuxveLux. Let's take a look at what happened.

  • Floral pattern silk fabric: While producing raw silk fabric, we take care to reflect the youth of your soul to the fabrics. To do this, we are working on the most trendy looks with our designers. With many options such as black silk fabric, printed silk fabric, white silk fabric, floral silk fabric, you will always feel special and look as you imagined.
  • Natural silk fabric: Meet with a durable texture obtained from completely natural and real silk material. It is thin and light, yet durable and long-lasting. Every shopping you make from LuxveLux will give you the chance to experience the privilege. Each of the products you buy here is called washable silk fabric. Wash as much as you want, you will see that the product still preserves its pattern thanks to the high-tech imprinting technology.
  • Thin silk fabric: Real silk woven using fine yarns will create an extremely comfortable feeling on your skin. Light, fine, and always suitable for everyday use. Even on the hottest days!

Silk Satin Fabric for Wedding Dress, Pillowcase, Scarf, and Pyjamas: Multipurpose

Silk satin fabrics suitable for different usage areas give you a very comfortable experience with their softness. To sew silk-satin pajama sets, silk satin scarves, blouses, or bed sheets, you need real fabrics made from long-lasting and high-quality yarns. That's exactly what we offer as LuxveLux.

  • Silk satin designs have never been that chic: We combine different colors and patterns with the highest quality textures! Those who want to buy luxury fabrics can browse the silk and satin pictures here and order immediately.
  • Pure silk satin fabric: A pure, real fabric from Luxvelux workshops for those who want to experience a privileged, special, always stunning experience. Pure silk satin fabric is specially produced to bring your most beautiful designs to life. It will be at your door with a quick shipment.
  • Satin silk printed fabric: Satin silk printed fabric, which has the maximum quality, has patterns that reflect your soul. Thanks to this, it is always cool and suitable for you. 

Cotton Fabric Online: Lux Printed Cotton Fabric, %100 Cotton Fabric, Plain Cotton Fabric 

Get ready to meet with cotton fabrics that will maximize your comfort. According to scientific studies, cotton cloth fabric with its special textures that can adapt best to your skin and allow your skin to breathe. These textures offer an exclusive experience, especially when they have pure content. A fabric made entirely of cotton, ethnic cotton fabric, or high-density cotton fabric with its unique soft texture.

LuxveLux takes maximum care for each product it produces with its designers in its special workshop.

  • Dressmaking Cotton Fabric: Cotton fabric, which will provide maximum comfort for your dresses, skirts, blouses, and shirts, is an excellent accompanist to you. We offer you a variety of floral patterns, paisley patterns, ethnic patterns, and polka dot patterns that both your tailor and you will love.
  • High-Quality Cotton Fabric for Home Decoration: Are you ready to use healthy cotton fabric for your tablecloths, pillowcases, bed covers, and all other areas where your skin touches? We pride ourselves in bringing you this amazing experience! Discover more now!