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We Love Fabrics

We believe in the power of the spirit of fabrics! Have you ever thought that colorful looks, patterns, and aura that gives vitality to our bodies are fabrics with perfect texture? At luxvelux, we combine different fabrics such as silky, cotton, satin with completely unique patterns. The perfect combination of colors recreates the textures and results in a great look.

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Customer review

” The new sweater I ordered came quickly and was exactly as shown and described on the website, absolutely the best”

– Tommy Somerville

Customer review

“I’ve ordered twice now and have been so impressed. Received both orders within a day and were exactly as advertised on the site”

– Laura Thompson

Customer review

“This webshop is amazing, easy to use and the clothes are as described and really good quality and very reasonable prices.”

– Valerie Nelson


Dressmaking Fabrics for Women
  • We produce soft fabrics that will reveal the feminine spirit of women. Our dressmaking silky fabric flower patterned products are one of the most preferred options. Use different fabric textures and produce stylish dresses with both vintage and bohemian, and unique and modern aura.
  • Women can choose for themselves floral, leaf patterned options inspired by nature. Options such as crispy pattern cotton fabric are a great option both for a blouse that can be worn in spring and for cardigans. While the textures of the fabrics give them a different aura, their patterns will turn you into another person.
  • Meet leaves patterned chiffon fabric options. Chiffon has an extremely elegant, subtle look. This fine fabric makes it a great alternative for dresses, skirts, and kimonos, especially for summer. This fabric, which we produce using exclusive yarns, is woven in a single layer and has a slightly transparent structure. You can also purchase interior lining fabric from LuxveLux’s exclusive collection.
  • We know you love patterned fabrics. Well, have you ever tried satin or cotton plain fabrics? Such plain fabrics will make your dresses unique. The absence of any pattern can make these fabrics more suitable for special invitations. Hey, what else can it do? Let’s say it right away: You can decorate tables or spaces on your special days with these types of fabrics. It’s that simple!
Meet the Special Texture of Exclusive Fabrics for Your Home Textile Products

Which textile products do you use in your home? Fluffy satin bedspreads and pillowcases? Or is it tablecloth fabrics made of cotton? We produce what you are looking for! As LuxveLux, we have always been able to offer new generation options and within this framework, we have offered you exclusive products.

  • Imagine pillowcases woven from fine yarn: Your sleep depends on the quality of the textiles you use while sleeping. Have you met with the light structure of the textile products we offer for you? You will have a much more comfortable sleep with silk, satin, crepe, and cotton textures that will decorate your pillow and bedspread. Choose whichever you want among floral patterns, leave patterns inspired by nature, abstract modern patterns, or plain looks. 
  • Feel the lightness: Most of the fabrics we produce are soft products that do not even reach 200 grams per square meter. Well, what does it mean? When you choose the floral silky fabric, gradient pattern silk fabric, or other options for your clothes, you will be comfortable as if they are not on you. No weight, only comfort.
  • The variety of patterns will fascinate you: What kind of pattern do you imagine? Gradient pattern silky fabric, which has been popular recently, is one of the options you can find in our related categories. Are you dreaming of something more feminine? So how about purchasing floral colorful fabric options? Did you know that you can add a bohemian style to your home decoration with options such as ethnic-patterned fine silky fabric if you wish? Well, you heard absolutely right! Everything is ready in the privileged world of LuxveLux. Are you ready to discover more by taking advantage of this world?
  • Crepe fabrics are produced using different types of fabrics such as silk, wool, viscose, and mixed with cotton. In this way, both very comfortable and extremely aesthetic, trendy looks emerge. With our colorful crepe fabrics, you can redesign areas such as restaurants and cafes.
Why LuxveLux for Your Fabric Shopping?

Do you need to buy fabric regularly for professional reasons -We mean, are you a designer or a tailor? If you are so and need exclusive textures to offer your customers, LuxveLux can be a great partner for you!

  • Fast and safe shipping at all times: We are aware that our products will be a part of the luxury experiences you or your customers want to experience. That’s why we forward them to you as soon as possible without making you wait. LuxveLux is a platform where you can easily find different fabric types and delivers your products to your door in the fastest way possible.
  • Always exclusive choices and experiences: Far from ordinary, always a special and luxurious look. LuxveLux fabrics that you can use for you and your customers will always make you feel different with their texture, quality, colors, and general appearance. Go out of the box and make your difference.
  • Different fabric types, colors, and patterns are together: Silk, silky, chiffon, crepe, cotton, satin, and much more in one platform. You will find whatever you imagine for your clothes, home textile products, or decorative areas. It’s not that hard, is it? LuxveLux saves you time because it holds all your searches together. Floral patterns, ethnic patterns, gradient patterns, crispy patterns. Meet the infinity, buy easily.
Vintage Floral Fabric, Bohemian Colorful Fabric, Authentic Printing Fabric, and More!

Do you care about creating special textures in your clothes and living spaces by making a small journey to the past? So what you have to do is really simple: check out LuxveLux’s categories with vintage looks. We have a great collection that can give you a bohemian and unique vibe. Start by looking at our ethnic silky fabric collection. The perfect combination of colors and patterns here harbors the unique warmth of eastern and orientalist cultures.

Our vintage floral fabric options are so many! Large floral print fabric options create a vintage aura, while small floral print fabrics often create a more modern style. We love both of them and offer them to our valued customers. Start browsing now to discover more!

Stay tuned to discover more. We love to produce fabrics that will give you special experiences.