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Abundant Leaf Roses White Kimber
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Asymmetry Sparse Flower Ground White
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Bandana Damask Pattern White Jami
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Bouquet Design White Yellow Roses Nora
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Brush Stroke Pattern Orange Blue
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Cartoon Space White Sally
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Chain Pattern Green Flowers White Nicola
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Chain Points Leopard Print Black White Scarlett
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Circular Chain White Leila
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Closed Chain Table White Ola
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Cloud Pattern Blue White
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Coffe Ground Sparse Crispy

L u x v e l u x, where luxury products and fabrics are of the best quality, are now available in white color option. We used white, the color of cleanliness and purity, in the best quality and style for you. Wearing white is a very bold act, and we are here to add a new twist to your boldness. Our white products and textile fabrics that you will admire are now on sale on our website!
We design our products for you and our goal is to break all the routine. Get our products and textile fabrics in no time with our perfect packaging and fast delivery. Our quality reflects us and we are your style! The most exclusive productions are created with l u x v e l u x.
Purity of White in Our Fabrics
We added the plain elegance of white to our fabrics that we specially prepared for you. This color of our top quality and luxury products will fascinate you. Our wide range of products and fabric options are ready for you to use our style in every aspect of your life. We look forward to taking a look at the most stylish patterns in our fabrics!
Try the Perfection of Chiffon with White
We carried the power of white to the lightness of chiffon fabric. White chiffon fabric, one of our lightest fabrics, is ready to bring a new breath to the clothing industry. You can order this fabric, which will be the building block of wonderful dresses and shirts, on our site.
The Effect of White Color on Organza Fabric
The unique white organza fabric we have created comes to meet your style. This fabric, which does great work especially with its use in bags, reflects the cleanliness of white to you. The luxurious appearance of this white organza fabric, which we produce without sacrificing our quality, will attract you. It is possible to see this fabric in different patterns!
Feel the Magic of Satin with White Color
The brightness of satin fabric met with white! Adding magnificent detail pieces to your clothes and home textile products is now easy with our white satin fabric. We offer you this fabric, which we produce with love, with the highest quality. With its soft and special appearance, our white satin fabric conquers the hearts.
We Add Different Patterns to Our Fabrics
We embroidered the most beautiful patterns on our fabrics to better reflect the style of our fabrics. These unique and beautiful patterns will recreate your style. Our fabrics with white floors make the patterns on them look much more luxurious! Although we are talking about some of our varieties, we recommend you to visit our address for all our varieties.
The most preferred of our mind-blowing patterns are our ethnic patterned white fabrics. It is possible to find this product in different types of fabrics. You can catch this style in our cotton, crepe, silk, and many more types of fabrics. Or you can add more joy to your style by choosing floral patterns on a white background. This pattern, which you can obtain in all our wide range of fabrics, will add life energy to your elegance! Check out our products for more fabric types such as Jacquard, polyester, taffeta, velvet, and more pattern options!
We Are Everywhere, Not Just In Fabrics!
The luxury you can bring into your home comes with us in white. Our white products specially prepared for your home decoration are on sale. It is impossible not to mention the bags and shoes that we created especially for the style of women! We look forward to meeting you with these products where quality meets luxury. Moreover, accessories will be asked of us. We make your style luxurious. Everything you are looking for is presented to you with our quality. We are l u x v e l u x!

l u x v e l u x
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