Pink Ground Sparse Flowers

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Get ready to meet new generation looks with Pink Ground Sparse Flowers silky fabric. Want to combine a modern aura with feminine floral fabric? Great! We paid extra attention to the harmonic combination of colors and a design like the one above came out. So, where can you use this fabric?

Pink Ground Sparse Flowers: Where To Use It?

  • Your Dresses: Elegant fabrics combined with floral patterns often create a feminine aura. So these fabrics look great with items such as dresses, skirts, and kimono. Moreover, the softness of the silky fabric offered by LuxveLux makes this elegance even stronger. Choose this fabric for your clothes too!
  • Pillowcases: Do you have a living room or bedroom where floral designs look good? Super! Sew your fabric to match the size of your pillows. This fabric is not just dressmaking silky floral fabric. It is also a great home textile product. Buy the product right away and bring your perfect textile designs to life. Discover more!
  • Tablecloths: A great alternative both for decorations on your special occasions and for the decoration of the tables you host your guests at home. Whenever you want to discover more, your tablecloths will give you the message of spring. Online shop sparse flower-patterned pink ground silky fabric now!

Silky Fabric Pink Ground Sparse Flowers

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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm