Desert Rose Pattern Ground White

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Imagine an impressive light colored background decorated with romantic flowers. While we were producing Desert Rose Pattern Ground White silky fabric, we imagined that fairy-tale look on your clothes. Orange flowers create the perfect aura on the fabric, while green leaves from nature will look more mystical than ever.

You can use your fabric with its silky texture for a summer dress or for a handmade bag. Moreover, this heartwarming view will help you create wonderful decorative details often in gardens, balconies and terraces.

  • Best for Daily usage: Use your silky fabric flower patterned White and orange in your everyday pleasures! It have a long life!

Romanticism in White: Desert Rose Pattern Ground White Silky Fabric

Its white color may not always mean romance. But when combined with large and realistic floral motifs, this color creates a feminine and distinctive aura. While producing flower printed silky fabric, we aimed to accompany the moments when you feel the most special and beautiful. Your clothes and other textile products will look privileged with this fabric. Light, soft and always unique. Buy silky flower patterned fabric now on LuxveLux!

Silky Fabric Desert Rose Pattern Ground White

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