Desert Rose Pattern Ground Blue

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Are you looking for a true romance in silky fabrics? A romantic look requires a special combination of colors, textures and lines. The designers of the fabrics prepared with the privilege of LuxveLux carefully produce the details that will create the romantic aura. Here is Desert Rose Pattern Ground Blue silky fabric that we have produced for you.

Desert Rose Pattern Ground Blue Silky Fabric Elegance

Bright and vibrant colors are produced using new generation imprinting technologies. In this way, it is aimed that all your combinations and each area where you use the fabric have a unique image.

  • Enjoy the colors: Are you looking for blue background silky fabric? You do not have to use plain and patternless options. A single pattern can completely change the texture and aura of the entire fabric. The maximal rose patterns we use in our fabric add a vintage feel to the fabric.
  • Silky fabric blends in with any texture: Silk fabric can blend in with other clothes with different textures. Therefore, it is extremely useful and often preferred. When you choose this silky texture where Blue, Green, Purple colors come together, LuxveLux delivers it to you in the fastest way. Don’t forget to check out other products for more!

Silky Fabric Desert Rose Pattern Ground Blue

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