Ground White Multi Leaf Pattern Dolly

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Are you ready for a fabric that represents plain and elegance? Ground White Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly is our new fabric. This fabric, which has a sincere and sincere appearance, has a useful and light structure. Especially, a sophisticated look is achieved by printing orange flower patterns on a white background. Unlike other fabric types, it can be easily preferred in summer thanks to its crepe fabric preference. With its air-conditioning feature, you will spend your summer months spacious and stylish. We recommend you choose this fabric, especially for the sewing of dresses that you can wear on the beach. Floral patterned crepe fabric will make you feel unique and special.

Ground White Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly: The Fabric of the Most Beautiful Comfort

  • Crepe fabric, which is suitable for all body types, fits all kinds of clothes. It does not wrap your body but makes you comfortable.
  • It allows you to move during the summer months with its non-sweating light structure.
  • It has a shabby structure that can be preferred for an elite look.
  • It is a remarkable fabric with its stylish and flashy nature.
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Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm


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