Intense Shawl Pattern Floor Black And Colorful

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Are you ready for nobility in black tones? Get ready to recreate your nobility with our new fabric Intense Shawl Pattern Floor Black And Colorful. There are many flower patterns in this fabric, which do not consist of only simple and solid tones. Especially when the weather is dark, this special fabric will stand out. It has many colors such as yellow, blue, red with an aesthetic appearance. A sophisticated atmosphere has been added to the lycra satin fabric by creating various flower patterns with these colors. You can add a new atmosphere to yourself by trying this fabric designed by LuxveLux with a different perspective.

Intense Shawl Pattern Floor Black And Colorful Why Is It A Special Fabric?

Due to the poor quality of many fabric structures, it does not provide you with comfort all day long. That’s why your fabric choices are important for your skin health and comfort. When choosing your fabric, you should be careful about being skin-friendly and long-lasting. Our lycra satin fabric provides freshness without harming your skin. In addition, thanks to its non-wrinkling structure, it looks like you are wearing a new outfit all day long. Buy satin fabric online now.

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Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm


Lycra Satin