Fluid Pattern in Salmon and Blue

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The combination of a dark color and a light color can create an extremely stylish image. Many individuals, who generally like a classic style, prefer this type of color combination for their textiles. That’s why we created Fluid Pattern in Salmon and Blue silky fabric.

We have combined the elegant elegance that Blue, Navy and Salmon will come together to create with the unique aura of geometric patterns. The soft texture of the resulting fabric looks perfect with the unique features of the pattern. LuxveLux has woven the permanent and durable pattern on your colorful silky fabric with the top versions of imprinting technology.

Fluid Pattern in Salmon and Blue Silky Fabric: Use Wherever You Want

  • The silky texture consists of thin threads that integrate with your skin with its softness. Light and thin yarns do not weigh or prevent your skin from breathing, so they can be used for many of your clothes. Fluid Pattern in Salmon and Blue silky fabric, which is more suitable for your summer clothes due to its slippery and light texture, can be used for home decoration in all seasons.
  • The vertical lines and curved structure of our fabric will show much weaker especially when used in products such as clothes. Buy salmon and blue silky fabric right away with the privilege of LuxveLux!

Silky Fabric Fluid Pattern in Salmon and Blue

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