Degrade Pattern Blue Black Ecru

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Are you ready to meet the unique structure of Degrade Pattern Blue Black ecru silky fabric? It is a highly aesthetic and impressive work that resembles brush strokes with its colorful appearance and perfect shaded pattern. Discovering more is that simple. We combined the striking shades of white with the beauty of black and bright blue. In this extremely soft fabric, there is the lightness of thin threads. Now it is really easy to have a luxurious and privileged experience. Find out more.

Degrade Pattern Blue Black Ecru Silky Fabric Ideal For Summer

  • You will feel great thanks to this texture that is always thin, non-sweating, and allows your skin to breathe. Ask your tailor to make your clothes from this fabric to wear in summer. When your tailor makes a dress for you using this fabric, you will feel great in this dress.
  • Moreover, patterns and colors were designed using a quality technology that does not fade. So even if you use it for years, gradient silky fabric will still look perfect.
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Degrade Pattern Blue Black Ecru

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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm