Pastel Color Flowers Backdrop Salmon

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Silky Fabric Pastel Color Flowers Backdrop Salmon

M2 = 0,120 Kg

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Are you ready to feel the soft and soothing texture of pastel colors in your clothes? Pastel Color Flowers Backdrop Salmon Silky Fabric will be an excellent option for your dresses, skirts and blouses that you want to have the summer breeze inside. This fabric, which integrates with your skin with its silky structure, can make you feel more comfortable in both summer and spring months. Our product, which is frequently used especially in feminine clothes, has an extremely high quality imprinting.

Multipurpose Pastel Color Flowers Backdrop Salmon Silky Fabric

  • This product, which contains Brown, Colorful, Fuchsia, Pink, Powder, Salmon, Sax colors that match each other perfectly, can be a great alternative not only for clothes but also for home textile products.
  • The slipperiness of its texture and the quality of its prints make it perfect for tablecloths or object decoration. We are sure that you will create perfect decoration combinations with pastel color flowers silky fabric.
  • Flower printed silky pastel fabric will help you experience a luxurious texture, especially with its exclusive material. Soft and organic silky fabric that does not tire your skin, does not contain a strange odor. Exactly as you imagined. Made by LuxveLux for you.
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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm