Symmetry Mixed Pattern Blue Navy

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With Symmetry Mixed Pattern Blue Navy silky fabric, we carried the unique mystery and energy of the night on soft fabrics. With this feature, our product appeals to everyone who likes dark tones. Navy blue always creates a mysterious atmosphere with its special aura. When this kind of color comes together with a tough hue like black, it makes a great contrast. As the colors combine, the light-colored areas of the pattern create a balanced appearance. Here is a great alternative for both your venues and clothes! You can buy Symmetry Mixed Pattern Blue Navy silky fabric as a gift or for yourself if you wish.

Go A Few Steps Beyond with Symmetry Mixed Pattern Blue Navy Silky Fabric!

  • Silky Fabric Symmetry Mixed Pattern Blue Navy is an extremely lightweight fabric that is only 0.120 kilograms per square meter. We are proud to say this because we care about creating great comfort on your skin. For those looking for colorful navy and black silky fabric, we loved recreating this soft feel!
  • The aura created by ethnic patterns in your home or clothes will be extremely authentic. The most important feature of the unconventional unique patterns is that they are always fairy-tale enough to take those who see it to a different world.

Silky Fabric Symmetry Mixed Pattern Blue Navy

M2 = 0,120 Kg

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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm