Smmetry Daisy Green

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We have a perfect suggestion for those who like dark shades in their clothes or home textiles. We combined flower-patterned fabrics with the noble aura of dark tones. In this way, something wonderful turned out. If you want to redesign your spaces and wardrobes with Symmetry Daisy Green silky fabric, you are definitely in the right place.

Symmetry Daisy Green silky fabric: Best For Everyone!

  • Don’t compromise on quality: Often times you have to sacrifice quality to find the best pattern. However, LuxveLux offers you the maximum yarn quality together in exclusive options. We care about your daily life experience.
  • Always be different: In your search for green silky fabric, you will see unique patterns that you cannot see anywhere in LuxveLux. Because our designers carefully work on each pattern and produce completely unique, exclusive items. When you buy this fabric, everyone around you will ask where you bought it. You don’t have to tell anyone!
  • Geometric patterned silky fabric: Silky Fabric Symmetry One of the most important features of Daisy Green silky fabric is of course that it has a geometric pattern. These types of patterns can be perfect for both casual and work clothes. Take this fabric to your tailor, he will love the quality!

Silky Fabric Smmetry Daisy Green

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Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm