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Red Background Salmon Flower Sophia

Red Background Salmon Flower Sophia


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Feel the power of red color! Luxvelux’s rare “Red Background Salmon Flower Sophia” pattern design will look impressive wherever you would like to use it! The red background makes our pattern design more powerful and impressive! Besides that, we used stunning flowers on this pattern design and it will look incredibly elegant on your clothes!

Stunning Accessories for Women: If you want to look more elegant, complete your clothing combination with stunning accessories! You will be able to use our stylish pattern design for all of the accessories! It is time to look more fashionable!

Modern Home Decoration: You can add some great differences to your home decoration products with our stunning pattern design! Change the energy of your home right now!

Red Background Salmon Flower Sophia Lycra Satin Chiffon Fabric

Soft & Skin-Friendly Structure: Order our high-quality Lycra Satin Chiffon fabrics! Our special pattern design will look more admired on excellent quality Lycra Satin Chiffon fabrics that we will provide you! If you want to have a classier style, you need to prefer our pattern design on our high-quality fabrics!

Specification: Red Background Salmon Flower Sophia

Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm


Lycra Satin Chiffon





Red Background Salmon Flower Sophia
Red Background Salmon Flower Sophia


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