Raindrop Blue

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With Raindrop Blue silky fabric, it’s time to discover the relaxing and calming effect of colors. Blue color allows your mind to relax and liberate with the feeling of openness. This is exactly the reason why you have an excellent experience and feel more relaxed in the interiors where this color is used. We have combined the color blue and ecru color. We took care to achieve a holistic harmony in the fabric with linear patterns of light blue. Those who are in search of silky ethnic fabric will really love this fabric, where blue color is used extensively. If you’re ready to explore more, let’s talk about the properties of this fabric!

Features of Raindrop Blue Silky Fabric

  1. Extremely light: Silky Fabric Raindrop Blue is produced using extremely light yarns. One square meter of the product is only 0.120 kilograms. Can you imagine how light it is? It will integrate perfectly with your skin and make you feel really perfect. Get ready to discover more!
  2. Harmonic integrity of vibrant colors: Bright, vibrant and always unique romantic colors. We love the color blue. We care about transforming it into the most aesthetic appearance for your textile products. We are sure that you will love it too.

Silky Fabric Raindrop Blue

M2 = 0,120 Kg

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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm