Points Leopard Pattern Ground Ecru Yellow Elisa

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Are you ready to meet a special fabric that captures an artistic image? Get a modernized look with Points Leopard Pattern Ground Ecru Yellow Elisa. The meeting of modernity with leopard patterns will be enough to add an elite look to you. With the addition of leopard patterns on the ecru yellow background, a look reminiscent of flowers has emerged.

Points Leopard Pattern Ground Ecru Yellow Elisa: Modernized Tulle Fabric

  • Modernized Art Design: You can use tulle fabric, which has an artistic appearance, in your home curtains and bedspreads. It will add a modern feel to your home. In addition, your accessories such as scarves will carry abstract meanings with their colors and patterns. It will be elegant and simple. In this way, it can be preferred in home textiles.
  • The Effect on Your Imagination: It will decorate your imagination with its special and artistic design colors. Cream, white and black dots on the leopard pattern will add a more artistic look to the fabric. You should try this fabric produced by LuxveLux to have a more modernized look. All you have to do is order the tulle fabric online.
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Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm