Plaid Leaves Blue Fuchsia White Olivia

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  • You will love the color harmony of our magnificent “Plaid Leaves Blue Fuchsia White Olivia” pattern design!
  • Our pattern design has an incredible color balance with the blue, pink, and white colors!
  • We used geometric shapes on our pattern design with impressive white-colored leaves!
  • You can feel the power of all stunning colors on this pattern design! It has also the power to change your energy and aura!
  • Women, who want to look more elegant and more fashionable always prefer our unique and attractive pattern design!

Plaid Leaves Blue Fuchsia White Olivia Velvet Fabric

Fashionable Style: Luxvelux’s pattern design will give you a fashionable style instantly! Everybody will love the colors of it! It is possible to use it on your t-shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses and all of the clothes you would like to use it! Besides that, you will be able to use it on your high-quality bags, shoes, and all accessories that Luxvelux will provide for you!

Luxvelux’s High-Quality Velvet Fabrics: Use this pattern design on our high-quality velvet fabrics and feel the softest touch instantly! Order now!

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Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm