Paisley Pattern Points Khaki Black

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What is the highlight of a striking ethnic pattern? Let’s say right away: the colors! Paisley Pattern Points Khaki Black silky fabric allows ethnic colors to come together to create unique patterns. Our expert designers worked hard to create a very aesthetic and harmonious fabric. The flower, leaf, polka dot and fish patterns you see on the fabric came together in this way. The lines of each shape are prepared to give the most modern aura. In this way, modernity and ethnic appearance come together in this fabric. We are sure that you will love this very much!

Paisley Pattern Points Khaki Black Silky Fabric: Best Texture Ever

  • A soft texture: It is very important that the fabric you use in your clothes or home textile products has a skin-friendly texture. Otherwise, an uncomfortable experience will result. We don’t want you to experience something like this!
  • The silky fabrics we used were produced with soft and fine yarns of the maximum quality. Maximum attention and care ensured the fabrics had a great style both in look and feel. In this way, you will clearly feel that you are in an exclusive area while enjoying the LuxveLux experience.

Silky Fabric Paisley Pattern Points Khaki Black

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