Ottoman Pattern Pink Floor

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Have you ever tried Ottoman Pattern Pink Floor silky fabric before? We love the distinctive fabrics that reflect ethnic and eastern culture! That’s why we work more and more with our designers every year and we take care to produce aesthetic fabrics.

This fabric we produce appeals to those in search of ethnic silky fabric. But unlike other ethnic ones, it has an extremely soft look. Pink and ecru colors add a soft and naive aura to the fabric. The black boxes in small ellipses in between make the fabric more striking. Ottoman Pattern Pink Floor, which has a paisley print, has modern lines and a unique aura.

Discover the LuxveLux Difference with Ottoman Pattern Pink Floor Silky Fabric

  • LuxveLux makes a quality imprinting with yarns of the maximum quality. In the image above, you see an extremely striking fabric with a pink background. The quality of this fabric that makes it durable for use and washing for years is guaranteed thanks to LuxveLux!
  • If you want to have an ethnic silky fabric but cannot decide on which one to have, buy Ottoman pattern silky fabric now and see if it is suitable for your needs!

Silky Fabric Ottoman Pattern Pink Floor

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