Orange Ground Sparse Crispy

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We combined different flower types on the same fabric with Orange Ground Sparse Crispy silky fabric and a colorful product came out! This product will be the primary choice for those who love colorful and maximal decorations. It is time to add elegance to your spaces by purchasing real silky fabric with its soft, light, comfortable, and skin-friendly texture. Moreover, not only your spaces but also your clothes will look really perfect with this fabric.

We believe that the color orange has always been a symbol of energy. So when we add a vibrant, warm orange hue to our fabric, we love the result! There are not only colorful flowers on this texture but also realistic leaves with different light and shadow play. If you want to buy this floral silk orange fabric inspired by nature, click the button now and complete your shopping! LuxveLux will deliver your product to you as soon as possible!

Orange Ground Sparse Crispy silky fabric: Always Comfortable

  • We produce our fabrics with high-quality imprinting technology and we care that you can use them in the long term. This is why we use colors in their most vivid form. Even if you wash them over and over, the colors on these fabrics never fade and always look great. We are working for this!

Silky Fabric Orange Ground Sparse Crispy

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Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm