Longitudinal Line Pattern Fuchsia Red Anthracite Jade

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Enthusiastic, classy, sophisticated. The fabric you should choose to have these features is Longitudinal Line Pattern Fuchsia Red Anthracite Jade. With this beautiful design fabric, you will notice the classiness of fuchsia, red, and anthracite colors. These colors are generally plain tones that show nobility. That’s why we are sure that our fabric will offer you an elegant style. You can use this fabric in this stuff:  Shirts, skirts, pillows, etc. This beautiful fabric will provide you with a strong and balanced posture. All you have to do is to use lycra satin fabric with the quality of LuxveLux.

Longitudinal Line Pattern Fuchsia Red Anthracite Jade: Why Choose It?

  • Special Structure: Lycra satin fabric, which has a soft texture, is skin-friendly. We designed this fabric with a special texture because we care about your health. We believe it can be one of the best choices for both your comfort and elegance. Order our longitudinal line pattern fabric now. You don’t have to wait to meet the privileges that LuxveLux gives you. Do not forget that LuxveLux provides you every opportunity with its special fabrics. We aim to make you happy and comfortable.
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Lycra Satin