Ground Yellow Multi Leaf Pattern Dolly

Ground Yellow Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly

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Get ready to see the riot of colors that emerge with the combination of yellow tones with vibrant floral patterns. Here is Ground Yellow Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly. You will find the opportunity to reflect your free spirit in this valuable fabric that we prepared by printing flower patterns on a yellow background. Wouldn’t light and refreshing crepe fabric that you can choose during the summer and spring months make you happy? Also, get used to comfortable use with its non-wrinkling structure. You will feel privileged with this different crepe fabric from LuxveLux. You want to use clothes and items that make you feel special like everyone else. That’s why we prepare the best crepe fabrics for you.

Exclusive Life with Ground Yellow Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly

We wish you to see our fabric, which has a sweet appearance with pink flower patterns, on you in good weather. All you have to do is order as many meters of our fabric as you want. Then it’s up to you. You can make decor items for your home or sew your clothes with your fabric. Once you have special and useful fabric, you will be able to customize your belongings. Achieving a sophisticated and unique look is no longer difficult. Come and buy the dressmaking crepe fabric from LuxveLux.


Specification: Ground Yellow Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly

Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm


Thick Crepe





Ground Yellow Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly
Ground Yellow Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly

19.99 $

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