Gradient Green Damson

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Witness the colors blend together like shadows in a fairy tale! Gradient Green Damson silky fabric was specially designed for you. Its unique color transitions and soft texture make the fabric a perfect choice for everyday life.

Gradient Green Damson Silky Fabric: Where to Use It?

  • Great for tablecloths and runners: It is a great choice for tablecloths and runners that will decorate your table, especially in simple and pastel colors. You will love the combination of these colors on a plain table. Because the patterns create a modern aura.
  • For your dresses and skirts: The perfect choice for midi dresses and skirts with large surfaces. Silky fabric’s unique texture will look great on you. Buy it now!
  • For your pillowcases: Cushions in your living room or large pillows in your bedroom look great with the right pillowcases. Use this special fabric for your pillowcases. Its soft texture will make you feel very good. In this way, you will sleep comfortably at night. If you use this type of fabric on the cushions in your living room, you will notice that you have a wonderful aura.

Silky Fabric Gradient Green Damson

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Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm