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Feather Pattern Purple Green Kamila

Feather Pattern Purple Green Kamila


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Feather Pattern Purple Green Kamila offers you a stylish look with perfect patterns. LuxveLux’s new creation product is designed with green and purple, one of the most popular colors of the trend. Our product, which has passed through the customized weaving stages, appears before you with its perfect patterns. Instead of using solid colors in our fabric, we made use of the tones and shades of each color. Thus, we avoided making a simple design. You will get a stylish look in your clothes and products that you can use for your home. ¬†Lycra satin fabric will fascinate you with its elegant appearance. Choose your satin fabric in meters right away and take it to your tailor. Beautiful products will be waiting for you.

Feather Pattern Purple Green Kamila: How to Use It?

  • Satin fabric with floral patterns that can adapt to all seasons will look good on dresses, skirts, and blouses. You can make beautiful scarves and shawls with the remaining pieces of fabric. Remember that you can design beautiful products to make your loved ones and yourself happy.

Specification: Feather Pattern Purple Green Kamila

Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm


Lycra Satin Chiffon





Feather Pattern Purple Green Kamila
Feather Pattern Purple Green Kamila


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