Endless Rings Ground Black Purple Blue Ava

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Prepare for the most beautiful shapes of infinity. Here is our new product Endless Rings Ground Black Purple Blue Ava. Get ready to meet our eternity circles in this special product designed by LuxveLux designers for you. We are sure that you will feel young with silky chiffon created with fluorescent and vibrant colors. In particular, colors such as purple, yellow, pink, and blue that we use in design have increased the liveliness. If you are looking for a different and luxurious fabric, this fabric has been created for you. LuxveLux offers you the most special chiffon fabric with different patterns and vibrant colors. Meeting the perfect chiffon fabrics is very close. Come and buy silky chiffon online.

Endless Rings Ground Black Purple Blue Ava: Endless Beauty

  • Customized Patterns: We created spiral shapes from circles to get rid of the simple structure of the patterns. We applied lines with different colors in between. We aimed to present you with a different and interesting product.
  • Color Transitions: We avoided simplicity in our fabric, so we preferred fluorescent and vivid color transitions. From now on, you will catch your youth with the vitality in your clothes in every environment you enter.
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Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm


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