Crispy Pattern Floor Blue

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The elegant and feminine look of modest patterns is reproduced in new generation LuxveLux fabrics. Crispy Pattern Floor Blue silky fabric types, which have become popular again recently, are very suitable for clothing combinations that are desired to have a vintage ambiance! This blue silky fabric can be a great alternative for your hats, bags, other clothing items and accessories with textiles. Moreover, you will notice that the product fascinates you with its soft texture from the first moment it touches your skin.

Where To use Crispy Pattern Floor Blue Silky Fabric?

  • A great choice for feminine clothing: Those looking for flower patterned silky fabric can choose this blue background fabric with a modern and feminine aura. The pattern type called Craspy gives a feminine aura due to its elegant appearance. The yellow and red colors in the flowers give you vitality and youth.
  • Home decorations: Tablecloths, curtains and pillowcases! Silky Fabric Crispy Pattern Floor Blue works wonders wherever you want!

Silky Fabric Crispy Pattern Floor Blue

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