Colorful Flowers on Table Pattern Blue

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Meet Colorful Flowers on Table Pattern Blue Silky Fabric! Are you ready to get to know the impressive and irresistible chaos of patterns?

Designed for those who love artistic and futuristic works, this silky table pattern fabric is a perfect choice especially for your home decoration products. Imagine a colorful flower patterned curtain with its silky and soft texture in your living rooms, which are completely simple and minimally designed. Didn’t you have enough visuals? Then imagine a tablecloth that redesigns your entire kitchen decoration with its exclusive texture and colors. As LuxveLux, we love to produce multipurpose silky colorful fabric products that can be used for any purpose in any environment.

Meet Shades of Blue and Black with Colorful Flowers on Table Pattern

Believe in the power of colors! Colorful Flowers on Table Pattern silky fabric contains the energy of light and dark blue colors and a liberating day. This pattern, which presents the representations of nature in the most powerful way, brings the vibrant aura of flowers, autumn leaves and white spring buds to your home.

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Silky Fabric Colorful Flowers on Table Pattern

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