Brush Stroke Pattern Fuchsia Blue

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Those rare moments when colors look perfect together can only be built by real designers. The Brush Stroke Pattern Fuchsia Blue Silky fabric is also designed to give you one of those moments. Are you ready to examine the features of this exclusive and luxurious fabric?

 Brush Stroke Pattern Fuchsia Blue Silky Fabric Main Features

Silky Fabric Brush Stroke Pattern Fuchsia Blue creates a very artistic aura due to its excellent color transitions. The color blocks on the fabric, reminiscent of brush strokes, are a great detail for those looking for a modern fabric. If you are looking for a modern alternative, you should definitely try this product!

Blue, Ecru, Fuchsia, Sax! Have we mentioned before that our designers believe in the harmony of colors? Let’s just say! Recently, we love the colors that create ethnic aura by using light and dark colors together! That’s why we added all the colors we use on the fabric to create real harmony. Our extremely cool and high-quality fabric is made to give you years of lasting experience.

Silky Fabric Brush Stroke Pattern Fuchsia Blue

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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm