Bamboo Tree Floor Ecru Colorful Lisa

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You should try Bamboo Tree Floor Ecru Colorful Lisa, the best fabric of the trend, which will always continue in fashion. Produced with an excellent design in LuxveLux workshops, this product will always keep you alive with trend and luxury. Silky chiffon fabric, which looks very stylish in clothes and home decoration, is compatible with any combination. It will make your clothes and home decoration products look nice with its plain and stylish appearance. You can be sure that the guests coming to your home will love the pillows and bedspreads made of chiffon fabric. Do not forget that every combination you wear will be a suitable fabric for your daily clothing preferences. Get the most useful and long-lasting chiffon fabric thanks to LuxveLux. Silky chiffon with a bamboo pattern is waiting for you.

Bamboo Tree Floor Ecru Colorful Lisa: Timeless Fabric

This fabric, which was created with the most appropriate ecru color in the trend, created a different atmosphere with bamboo patterns. Thanks to its vivid color tones and transitions, stagnation is avoided. If you want differences in your life, you should try this type of chiffon fabric to make you feel special.

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Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm


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