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Silky Fabric

Do you dream that the textile products you use in your daily life have their own, soft, exclusive, breathable textures? We also care about this! As LuxveLux, we purchase the highest quality yarns on the market and produce fabrics of maximum quality with these yarns. Moreover, we follow the trends of the season and determine the colors, patterns, and textures we can offer for you in line with the trends. Silky fabric with permanent patterns, suitable for long-term use, is purchased from LuxveLux!

Ethnic Silky Fabric: Journey into the World of Colors and Warmth

Do you like the special architectural and aesthetic sense of beauty that Eastern culture has? Ethnic silky fabric usually contains warm tones such as red, black, blue, mint, and fuchsia. 

Ethnic patterns, inspired by the Ottoman architectural understanding and artistic beauty perception, become even more interesting, especially with geometric shapes. You can use these fabrics with authentic figures in both your home decoration and clothes. We are in pursuit of a new generation of elegance with our always high-quality yarns!

Degrade Silky Fabric: For Home Textile Products with Modern Decoration

Black, white, green, blue, orange, or mint. With a modern aura, the degraded pattern colorful fabric products are extremely soft and a great choice for your home textiles.

  • High-quality imprinting: Thanks to the special imprinting technology, all gradient pattern colored fabrics will preserve their pattern for many years. Cloud pattern, zigzag pattern, or much more. Always elegance with the flow of colors that have a special harmony.
  • Original gradient fabric designs: Are you ready to look different from everyone else? Elegance does not mean wearing designs that are always copied looking at each other. Thanks to the completely unique collection offered by LuxveLux, you will carry the trends of the season and always have a special aura. How great is that, isn't it?
  • Gradient fabric for your curtains, minimal decorations, and dresses: We love to work with the unique spirit of patterns. We brought together colors for you and created special gradient fabrics. In this way, we have always created styles that have more elegant aura!

Flowers Pattern Silky Fabric: The Perfect Dance of Colors and Spring

If you are in search of floral silky fabric and ask the question 'where to buy high-quality silky fabric?', We have a piece of great advice for you: You should choose the vintage, bohemian and modern ambiance of the special textures produced by LuxveLux. But why? Let's just say!

  • A great option for your dresses: It can be a great option especially for sundresses. Silky floral dress fabric will make you feel comfortable as if nothing is on you. It is a liberating fabric that does not make you sweat in any way, does not bother you. We are sure that it will add originality to all your designs.
  • Floral silky fabric for your curtains: How would you like to use colors on a large surface, curtain, especially in your homes with minimal design? We are sure that your curtains will look perfect thanks to LuxveLux's very cool and unique floral fabric designs. Always stylish, always privileged. Many people who come to your home will ask where you can buy floral vintage silky fabric.

Dressmaking Geometry Pattern Silky Fabric: Fine Yards, Light Texture

The only thing you need to do to design the most stylish and unique-looking dresses is to buy Luxvelux's geometric patterned fabrics. This special fabric, sewn using the best quality yarns, means you always have a cool look.

  • The most trendy pieces of the season: Geometric patterns, which are the most trendy lately, meet in the original and light texture of the silky fabric. The texture of this fabric is so beautiful we are sure you will love it very much. If you are looking for dressmaking patterns with silky fabric, you are looking for a product that will work great with feminine textile products.
  • New generation design with modern lines: Dense silky fabric with geometric patterns offers a solid texture. So what does solid texture mean? We are talking about an exclusive and luxurious texture that always shows high quality. A fine strong silky fabric offers a perfect appearance with the geometric patterns it contains. If you are looking for silk fabric for sale, you are definitely in the right place!

Paisley Pattern Silky Fabric for Sale: Luxury Brown Paisley Silky Fabric, Colorful Fabrics, and More

Plain silky fabric for the days you want to create a style that is minimal and simple. For days when you want to be cool, colorful, and fun, always stylish and patterned paisley silky fabrics are ready for you. Paisley, one of the first patterns that come to mind when someone says elegance, offers maximum comfort with its dense structure and fine texture. We are sure that you will have a lot of ready for sewing silky fabric that can look perfect on your clothes, pillow covers, tablecloths, runners, and more!

  • The perfect gift: Everyone loves the paisley pattern in silky fabric! You can buy fine crisp luxurious silky fabric for dresses as a gift for your loved ones. We are sure they will be very happy. Moreover, with its stylish packaging, LuxveLux is a gift that always looks privileged.
  • Paisley print with colors: Feed from the unique energy of colorful fabrics. Yellow, red, orange, green, or any other color. We are sure that you will love it no matter what. Are you looking for black and beige print silky fabric? You should check out our such fabrics with the paisley pattern!

Our silky fabric collection is not limited to the above design types! We have many different additional designs such as messy silky fabric soft for dresses. We are sure that you will love our product selection with its high-quality imprinting technology and colorful alternatives. Check out the relevant category of LuxveLux now and complete your purchase! Buy now and LuxveLux will send it to you!