Zigzag Pattern Backdrop White Blue

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It is relaxing, calming and always calm. If you are looking for a fabric design where these words come together, Zigzag Pattern Backdrop White Blue silky fabric is for you. Despite the rough texture of the zigzag pattern, the harmony of the colors used added a very special ambiance to this product. Therefore, a fabric with a very unique style and a special style emerged.

The noble and passionate look of red combines with the relaxed ambiance of blue and white. The resulting final look has a wonderful aura that you can use in both your clothes and decorative textiles. If those who are looking for a zigzag patterned silky fabric are bored with classic designs in two colors, they will love this fabric with a different style.

Zigzag Pattern Backdrop White Blue Silky Fabric Uniqueness

  • Silky Fabric Zigzag Pattern Backdrop White Blue can be a great option, especially for the decoration of cafes and similar public spaces. Because this style, where different colors are combined, provides an environment where people can relax their minds and think healthy. Do not underestimate the effect of colors and patterns in organizing spaces.
  • The high quality fabric exhibits its maximum durability, especially when used in such public areas. Always bright colors, vibrant patterns and a soft texture. You never have to compromise on quality!

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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm

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