Ground Navy Multi Leaf Pattern Dolly

Ground Navy Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly

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Have you come across LuxveLux’s new design for a sophisticated look? Thanks to Ground Navy Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly, you will have a perfect fabric experience. If you like plain tones, we think you will like this fabric prepared with dark blue background. Flower patterns were brought to the fore with the use of dark blue ground. Thus, we want to give you the elegance you love. We recommend you choose crepe fabric, especially on beaches and summer holidays. With a draped and shabby structure, you will ensure your comfort in your clothes all day long.

Ground Navy Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly: Sophisticated Fabric

LuxveLux strives to give you a privileged experience. That’s why our designers have played with the patterns. The fabric has come to the forefront as the flower patterns have become interesting. Creating the crepe fabric, which is the most preferred in the textile world, with such a beautiful design will attract your interest. If you want a change in your style for the summer months, you can buy this fabric and start sewing your clothes immediately. All you have to do is order crepe fabric online.

Specification: Ground Navy Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly

Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm


Thick Crepe





Ground Navy Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly
Ground Navy Multi-Leaf Pattern Dolly

19.99 $

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