Classic Leopard Pattern Vanessa

Classic Leopard Pattern Vanessa

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Feel the power of the leopard pattern! If you are ready to look more elegant and fashionable our beloved “Classic Leopard Pattern Vanessa” pattern design is waiting for you!

  • Our leopard pattern design has an impressive harmony with attractive colors!
  • It is time to look more elegant! Use our pattern design on your clothes!
  • Leopard pattern designs are so trendy and preferred by women who want to look more fashionable! You can have an admired style with our rare leopard pattern design!
  • Have a more modern home decoration with us! You will be able to use our impressive pattern design on your home decoration products!
  • Exclusive accessories for women! Be more stylish with Luxvelux’s pattern design! You can use it on your shoes, bag, and all of the high-quality accessories that you will choose on Luxvelux!

Classic Leopard Pattern Vanessa Lycra Satin Chiffon Fabric

Excellent Quality Dressmaking Lycra Satin Chiffon Fabric: Luxvelux is here to provide high-quality Lycra Satin Chiffon fabrics for you! Use this stylish pattern design on our outstanding quality Lycra Satin Chiffon fabrics and be more unique!

Specification: Classic Leopard Pattern Vanessa

Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm


Lycra Satin Chiffon





Classic Leopard Pattern Vanessa
Classic Leopard Pattern Vanessa

14.99 $

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