Bamboo Tree Floor Salmon Colorful Lisa

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Do you admire the beauty of bamboo tree patterns? We would like to present you Bamboo Tree Floor Salmon Colorful Lisa prepared with the most beautiful shades of salmon color. It is impossible not to admire this design, which is produced as a result of long studies in our private workshops. Our fabric, created with bamboo tree patterns on the salmon color floor, represents dynamism and youth. If you avoid dark colors in summer, we have a design that will attract your attention with its vivid colors. You can be sure that this product is the fabric you will use in your clothes, thanks to silky chiffon. Once you try it, you will see that you can’t give up.

Bamboo Tree Floor Salmon Colorful Lisa: Vivid and Dynamic Silky Chiffon Fabric

Combining the most preferred colors of blue, green, yellow, and pink in a fabric in the summer months will attract you. With its bright appearance, silky chiffon will offer you comfortable and pleasant clothes. Get ready for a chiffon fabric you cannot give up thanks to its smooth and soft texture.

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Dimensions 1 × 1.5 cm


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